Blogs are a bit like homes. They change over time; sometimes incrementally and sometimes dramatically. And sometimes they don't change much at all, which can be simultaneously comforting and disquieting. Such was the case for my website, located at a domain name I've owned since 1998.

My blog has always been a place for me to muse about my interests. Back in the day it hosted my Stompin' Tom Connors discography before it migrated over to Tom's Official Website. Then there was my beloved Volkswagen Scirocco: still one of my favorite cars I've ever owned, and the subject of many web pages (this was before the days of "blog posts"). Then photography, where I carefully documented my 100+ antique camera collection. That site hung around for a few years before it got replaced by my now-defunct Absent.Canadian blog—the longest lasting website I've ever maintained. Absent posted steadily from 2004 through to about 2012, and those posts (which are no longer online) are still a source of amusement.

I have a penchant for wandering the countryside in my pickup truck looking for antiques, and for a few years I blogged under my own name about the various treasures I'd stumble across. I'm not entirely sure why I stopped that blog, but I sadly deleted the posts by accident (I'm generally good about archiving my old content). My site languished for another year or two, and I'm hoping that this is a more interesting reincarnation.

This site is also my first foray into the Joomla! content management system. As an IT professional I enjoy learning new technologies. I was a dedicated Wordpress user for many years, but it's time to branch out and try something new.